How to Get a Junior College (JUCO) Sophomore Basketball Player Recruited to a 4-Year School

How to Get a Junior College (JUCO) Sophomore Basketball Player Recruited to a 4-Year School

Now that you will be starting your second year at JUCO (Junior College), its time to really start to focus in on your recruitment. You need to work on finding a 4-year school. Your coaches are there to assist you with your recruitment, but they have a lot on their plate. Most of the time, a Head Coach at a Junior College will also teach classes and have other responsibilities that he must also take care of. A lot of times, assistant coaches at the Junior College level with be part time coaches, some are even volunteers. All the coaches at your Junior College will do everything they can to help you get to the next level. It is in their best interests as it will help their basketball program recruit more players in the future. You will get exposure playing in the games during the season. Lots of 4-year college coaches track JUCO’s and recruit players from these basketball programs. With your JUCO coaches helping you and getting exposure in the games, we still recommend that you put a significant amount of your own time into contacting 4-year college coaches.

Getting Your Information Together as a JUCO/Junior College Sophomore

Going into your second year at Junior College you are going to need to have all your information together, ready, to send out to 4-year college coaches. We would recommend you still include the high school you played for, your high school basketball experience, and your basketball achievements. Getting your profile information together is straight forward, here is what you need to have: full name, date of birth, high school, position(s), height, weight, wingspan, vertical, highlight video and all your stats! Also, have your best full JUCO basketball game on hand. College coaches who are interested in you will often request to see a full game of yours.

Getting Your Highlights Together as a JUCO/Junior College Sophomore for College Coaches

Your highlight video is quiet often the first impression a college coach has of you. You want to make it count. Make sure you get all of your highlights from your first season. You will need to get all of the game video from your JUCO coaches. Allow yourself plenty of time to get this done. It is recommended that you leave out background music on your highlight video. Not only will this save you time and effort, college coaches will greatly appreciate it. We recommend that your highlight video is no longer than 5 mins long. This is an ample amount of time to get everything in. If you want, you can section up your video into the following sections: shooting, ball handling, passing, rebounding, shot blocking, steals and taking charges. Make sure to circle yourself in your highlight video so the coaches can clearly see you when watching your highlights.

Contacting 4-Year College Coaches During Your JUCO/Junior College Sophomore Year

Managing your time, when focusing on getting recruited, is very important. If you don’t have a focused strategy you can often find you have wasted a lot of your time and have not accomplished much. To avoid this happening, you should only focus your time and effort into finding schools who are recruiting your position. This process starts in August. This way you are reaching out to college coaches who are specifically looking for players like you. For example: If you are a power forward, do not connect a college coach who is contacting a point guard. Focus on schools recruiting power forwards.

Considering 4-Year School Options as as JUCO/Junior College Sophomore Basketball Player

As a JUCO sophomore basketball player, to maximize your chances of successfully getting recruited it is important to be open to all levels of college basketball. Focusing on playing NCAA Division 1 basketball is great but you can still find great opportunities at the NCAA D2, NCAA D3, NAIA, USCAA and NCCAA levels too. There are many factor you have to consider when looking at a 4-year school to attend such as the size of the school (how big is the student population), do they offer your major, what role a coach wants you to play at the school, how much playing time your going to get etc. We recommend keeping an open mind and talking to every college coach who is interested in you, no matter what the level.

How to Respond to College Coaches as a JUCO/Junior College Sophomore Basketball Player

Congrats! You’ve reached the point in your recruitment where you are now receiving interest from college coaches. Make sure you respond to every college coach who contacts you and shows interest. We recommend keeping an open mind during the recruitment process and consider every school who shows interest in you, as a possible option. Listen and take in what the college coach has to say, find out what role he wants you to play in their program and ask them any questions you may have about the school and basketball program. Take some time to research the school and basketball program. We would then recommend either talking to your Head Coach or Assistant coach at your Junior College about your options. They are there to provide you with guidance and help you play at the next level. You definitely want to keep your coaches in the loop in your recruitment process. Often, when a college coach makes you an official offer they will want to speak with your Junior College coach to find out more about you.

How to Organize a visit to a College Campus as a JUCO/Junior College Sophomore Basketball Player

Now that you have narrowed down your top options, it is a good idea to begin arranging campus visits. Campus visits can consist of just a tour, sometime the coach will want you to work out, if its still during the season you might get an opportunity to attend a practice or a game. Campus visits can provider a lot of insight into what your life would be like if you were to attend the program. It also give you the chance to meet the coaches and staff in person, allowing you to get to know each other a little bit and talk basketball to see if you are on the same page.

Signing Your National Letter of Intent as a Sophomore JUCO/Junior College Basketball Player

When you have finally decide on an offer, depending on the division, you will sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI). Signing your National Letter of Intent means that you are officially agreeing to attend that school for at least 1 year. Signing your NLI means that finally, your basketball recruitment process has come to a successful end.