How to Get Recruited During Your Post Grad Basketball Year

How to Get Recruited During Your Post Grad Basketball Year -

So you have decided to do a year of post grad basketball. Post grad basketball is a great opportunity to give yourself more time to get recruited to play college basketball. The time you will spend at a post grad basketball academy, will give you an additional year to gain more exposure to get recruited without losing a year of your eligibility. During this time, you can get stronger, faster, more athletic and more mentally prepared for when you play at the next level. Now that you have chosen a post grad academy to attend, there are some steps you should start taking to get yourself recruited. In this article we will go over the steps you should take and dive a little deeper into what post grad basketball academies are and, reasons players choose to attend them.


Post grad basketball academies are designed to help you get recruited to play college basketball. Post grad coaches are also there to assist you with your college recruitment. Keeping this in mind, nobody is going to work as hard for you, as you will. This is a fact. Once you have decide you are going to attend a post grad basketball academy, and you have decided on the academy you are going to attend, you should start to work on your college recruitment immediately. Don’t wait. Every day that goes by counts.

The first thing you should do is get all your information and video together from your high school basketball career. Organize it. Because post grad basketball academies are only one year, it is still recommended to include all of your high school basketball information alongside your post grad basketball information. We recommend having a 5 minute highlight video from your high school basketball career as well as your best full game, along with all your stats.

During your post grad season, you want to make sure that you make a highlight film in the middle of the season and then update this highlight video at the end of the season. You should start contacting college coaches who are recruiting your position in August. The college coaches that get in touch with you and are interested in you, you should make sure you let them know what post grad basketball academy you are attending, and provide them with a copy of your game schedule. Make sure to send the coaches who you receive interest from, your mid-season and end of season highlight video from your post grad. Also, make your best post grad full game available too. College coaches are likely to request this from you. Make sure you use your time wisely. Only contact college coaches who are specifically recruiting your position.


“Post Grad” is an abbreviation for “post graduate”, meaning someone who has finished High School. A post grad basketball academy is for players who want to take 1 year out which is called a gap year, before starting college. You can attend a post grad basketball academy without losing any of your 4 year eligibility. It is a good environment for you to mature and be ready to move on to play college basketball.

Basketball players choose to attend a year of post grad to become more mentally and physically prepared for college basketball. Post grad coaches work with you to reach your potential and improve your game for when you’re playing in front of college coaches. Post grad basketball academies play against college level competition which will build your rep as a serious player. Whether your playing in a game being watched by college coaches or, your sending them your highlights from your post grad year, you will get yourself seen. Playing for a post grad academy also provides you with a college basketball-like environment so you have the advantage of experiencing what it’s like to play college basketball before becoming a college basketball player.

How Long Do You Attend a Post Grad Basketball Academy for?

Typically, a post grad basketball academy runs for 6 to 9 months (this will vary depending on the post grad basketball academy). Most will have you living at the academy in a dormitory setting or shared house or apartment.

What are the reasons players are choosing to go to a post grad basketball academy?

Lets take a look at some of the most common reasons basketball players choose to play a year at a post grad basketball academy:

• Some players know early on that they would like to pursue a post grad basketball year and don’t go through the college application process at all
• Other players decide to consider both options and fill applications for both
• Some players are not happy with their college options, deciding they would like another year to contact college coaches
• Players and their families are aiming to get a college scholarship by having more time to contact college coaches to get more offers
• Some players maybe looking to improve on a scholarship offer that has already been made by a school by getting further development
• Players may also consider a post grad basketball academy if there has been a setback for example, an injury or some kind

Here Are the Top 10 Reasons Players Attend a Post Grad Basketball Academy

If you’re a basketball player in your senior year of high school, you might want to consider this as an alternative option. You may benefit from holding off one more year. Here are the top 10 reasons for attending a post grad basketball academy.

1. Some players just need time to get a little better & work on their skill development which is a huge focus at post grad basketball academies
2. You can play another year of basketball without using your NCAA eligibility
3. If you have suffered an injury, a year of post graduate basketball allows you to recover, build strength back and show college coaches you are 100% healthy
4. When playing high school basketball, sometimes players are put in position to help their team win & not necessarily the best place for them to get recruited, a post graduate basketball academy can help you prove to coaches that you can play another position
5. Post grad basketball academies allow you to mature socially
6. Post grad basketball academies provide another year of academic readiness and time to enhance study skills and time management
7. Post grad basketball academies help players physically mature at a place where you can compete against higher-level competition than high school
8. If you didn’t get much playing time in high school, it can give you a chance to get more playing time and get a highlight video together
9. You can begin to integrate into a social environment that supports autonomy & leadership
10. You have more time to contact college coaches who are recruiting your position, to get yourself more offers