What is a JUCO Basketball Showcase? Can it help Junior College Basketball Players?

What is a JUCO Showcase? Should You attend?

A Junior College Showcase or JUCO showcase is an exposure basketball event designed to help junior college players get seen by 4-year college coaches. Junior College freshmen can attend these types of events to get onto college coaches radars. Junior College sophomores can also attend these events if they don’t have any offers or, want to get more offers at the end of their sophomore season. Depending on the event, you can attend the event with your entire basketball team or as an individual. If you attend as an individual, you will be placed on a team with other individual players who came to the event solo and without a team. These events can last anywhere from one to three days. You can expect to play two to three basketball games per day. Make sure before attending one of these JUCO events, you are in top-condition, because games can sometimes have to be played back-to-back and you will have to play multiple games per day. You will play in theses scrimmages in front of 4-year college coaches. This crowd of coaches will include coaches from NCAA Division 1 & 2, NCAA D3, NAIA, USCAA and NCCAA. The coaches in attendance receive a packet with your information that will correspond with your jersey number so make sure you do not switch jerseys with any other player!

How to find a JUCO Showcase to Attend?

The first thing you want to do when looking for a JUCO showcase to attend is check with the organization or the person running the event, that it is an NCAA certified basketball event. The NCAA has strict rules in place for their coaches; Division 1 coaches can only attend certified basketball events. The JUCO basketball event organization/organizer have to go through a Basketball Certification Process. By going through this process they agree to operate the JUCO basketball event in accordance with the NCAA’s applicable legislation and certification requirements. If approved, they will then receive an “Event Certification “ which will allow NCAA Division 1 coaches to attend and observe prospective student-athletes who are participating in the JUCO showcase event. Here is the link to the list of NCAA certified basketball events. Make sure they event you are planning on attending is on there!

What You Need to Do to Prepare?

Now that you have chosen your JUCO showcase to attend, it’s time to get ready! You want to look at attending this event the same as you would when you are trying out for a team. Make sure you start your conditioning early to give yourself time to be in top shape. You will only have a limited numbers of games to impress the coaches when you are there. You do not want to be tired or pull a muscle. You also don’t want to look slow and un-athletic. This will be your first impression to a lot of the coaches, and how you look and play will determine whether or not they take a deeper look into you and possibly recruit you after the showcase event. Along with conditioning, make sure you are keeping your game sharp. Focus on getting shots up on a daily basis. Playing some pick-up basketball against high level competition is a good idea to keep your timing. You don’t want to step on the court after not playing for a few months. You will not have time at a JUCO showcase event to get the rust off.

Depending on how far way the event you are attending is, you want to plan accordingly. Ideally, you want to plan to have at least one day of full rest before the event starts. It is a good idea to book a hotel a day early so you can fully rest and re-hydrate after your travel. We also recommend contacting college coaches who are still recruiting your position, to let them know that you will be attending this particular event. Make sure you do this far in advance.

Can You Get a College Basketball Offer From a JUCO Event?

Yes you can. Many players every year do receive offers after attending JUCO basketball events. Getting an offer is far from guaranteed though. These are highly competitive events. All the players who are there attending the same showcase as you, are fighting hard for the spot light. You do not want to put all your eggs into one basket. Do not solely rely on a JUCO showcase to find yourself a 4-year school for when you graduate from Junior College. These are great events to attend. They give you a chance to play in front of college coaches who might not otherwise had an opportunity to see you play in person. Make sure along with attending JUCO showcases, and help from your JUCO coaches, that you are putting your own work in towards finding a 4-year school to play for after graduation. You should be getting all of your profile information together for 4-year college coaches alongside keeping your highlight video updated on a regular basis. Make the best of your time going into your sophomore JUCO season by contacting college coaches that are recruiting your position! Starting in August.