What is an Unsigned Senior Basketball Showcase? Can It Help Unsigned Seniors Get an Offer?

Unsigned senior basketball showcase events

An unsigned senior basketball showcase is an event for unsigned senior basketball players, to play in front of college coaches that are still recruiting. Unsigned senior basketball showcases will be attend by JUCO (Junior College) coaches and 4-year school coaches. Depending on the event and the high school you attend, an unsigned senior showcase can be attended by your whole high school basketball team or, as an individual. An unsigned senior showcase can run from one to three days depending on the unsigned senior showcase you attend. You should expect tp play anywhere between two to eight games (depending on how many days the basketball event is). Make sure you are in shape for this event. Playing two to eight games in a one to three day period, against high level competition, will be extremely physically demanding. The two year JUCO coaches who attend unsigned senior basketball showcases will be from NJCAA Division 1, NJCAA Division 2, NJCAA Division 3, and the CCCAA. The four year college coaches who attend unsigned senior basketball showcases will be from the NCAA Division 1, NCAA Division 2, NCAA Division 3, NAIA, USCAA and the NCCAA. You will recieve a jersey with a number on it. This number will be connected to all your information that is contained in the coaches packets given out at the event. Make sure when signing up for a unsigned senior showcase, uyou provide all your up-to-date contact information so college coaches and contact you easily.

How do I find an Unsigned Senior Showcase to Attend?

The first thing you want to do when looking for a unsigned senior showcase is to check with the organization or person running the event, that it is an NCAA certified basketball event. The NCAA has strict rules in place for their coaches; Division 1 coaches can only attend certified basketball events. The unsigned senior basketball event organization/organizer must go through a Basketball Certification Process. By going through this process they agree to operate the unsigned senior showcase in accordance with the NCAA’s applicable legislation and certification requirements. If approved, they will then receive an “Event Certification ” which will allow NCAA Division 1 coaches to attend and observe all players who are participating in the unsigned senior showcase. Here is the link to the list of NCAA certified basketball events. Make sure they event you are planning on attending is on there!

What You Need to Do to Prepare for an Unsigned Senior Showcase?

Once you have chosen a unsigned senior showcase to attend, there are few things you should turn your attention to. The first thing you need to do is let the college coaches you are in contact with that you are playing at the showcase(s). Then you should contact college coaches who are still recruiting your position. Let these coaches know that you will be attending the unsigned senior showcases you have chosen. Make sure you give college coaches advanced notice. Don;t let them know last minuet. They will need time to plan and organize the trip if they can make it.


You should take your conditioning for the showcase as serious as you would for a college basketball tryout because that’s what this is. Make sure that you are following a structured conditioning program. You can potential be playing 8 games in 3 days. Coming in with great conditioning can give you that edge against your competitors.


Make sure, leading up to this event, that you are getting your jump shots in, your ball handling in and your foot-work in on a daily basis. The more you practice on your skills, the better your chances are for having a great game in front of the coaches.


You want to make sure that you continue to play competitive basketball. If the showcase is not immediately after your high school season. you want to make sure you keep playing organized basketball. Playing organized basketball will make sure you keep your rhythm and timing. At the unsigned senior showcase event you will not have any time to practice and you will only have limited warm-up times before games. You need to put your work in before you get there.


Depending on how far away the showcase is, you want to make sure you take some time to plan your travels. It is ideal to have at least one full day of full rest before the event starts. If you’re booking a hotel to stay in, try and get there at least 1 day early so you can allow yourself to rest, recover and re-hydrate completely before you participate in the showcase.


Impressing the coaches is the whole reason you are attending this unsigned senior basketball event. First impressions count, not only on the basketball court but when you are on the bench and interacting with people at the event. College coaches are always watching and they are experts at picking up on characteristics and attitudes of players. When playing in a game, you want to show them that you have high energy, a good attitude, high basketball IQ, can play well within a team and have the necessary skill and ability to score and defend. Present yourself well. At the end of the day, this is a showcase. You are there to showcase what you can do on the court. If you play hard and do what your supposed to, you will gain attention of a coach.

Can You Get a College Basketball Offer From an Unsigned Senior Showcase?

Yes you can. Many players every year do receive offers after attending an unsigned senior showcase. Getting an offer is never a guarantee. You are going to be up against some high level competition. There will be a lot o players attending the unsigned senior showcase, at the same position as you, fighting for the attention of college coaches. You don’t want to place all your hopes of getting recruited solely on attending an unsigned senior showcase. An unsigned senior showcase will give you a chance to play in front of college coaches that have not had a chance to see you play in person. In addition to playing in unsigned senior showcases, and getting help from your high school coaches, you still need to be putting time on your own to find a school to play for after your high school graduation. You should have all your player profile information together and completely updated with any additional highlight you gained from attending the unsigned senior showcases. You should be sending your profile and highlight video to 4-year college coaches to evaluate. Make sure you always keep this updated. And, most importantly, make sure you target college coaches who are still actively recruiting your position.